Summary Of Significant Events

DateEvent DescriptionMore Info
27 Nov 2023Notice to Members of Winding Up Read Announcement
22 Jun 202222 June 2022 Notice of Proposed Transfer of the Life Insurance Business of One Path Read Announcement
24 Jun 202124 Jun 2021 Notice of Regulatory Change and Contribution Limits Read Announcement
9 April 2020Notice to Members regarding COVID-19 Read Announcement
6 July 2018First Home Saver and Downsizing Contributions.This notice provides details of the legislation changes and advises member that the Fund will NOT accept First Home Saver contributions but it will accept downsizing contributions.
31 January 2017Legislation Changes from 1 July 2017
This notices provides details of various legislative changes coming into effect from 1 July 2017.

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13 October 2016 Defined Benefit Member Option Defined Benefit Member Option
Defined Benefit Members have been given the option to convert all or part of their defined benefits to accumulation benefits.

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10 August 2015Change of Insurer
From 1 September 2015 the Trustee has appointed OnePath Life Limited as its insurer for group life and income protection insurance. This action was taken after a tender process conducted by the Fund's insurer adviser, Gow-Gates Insurance. OnePath replaces MetLife Insurance Limited
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25 August 2014Small increase in income protection insurance fees
Insurance fees for income protection insurance have increased slightly for the 2014-15 year. No member will see an increase of more than $3/month ($36 p.a.) above the premium that would have been payable under the old scale.
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11 June 2013New Income Protection Benefit
From 1 July 2013, the Fund provides most members under age 65 with income protection insurance. This pays members a monthly income if they are temporarily disabled, for up to 2 years.
This new benefit will help protect members and their families against the financial burdens that would arise if they become ill or injured and cannot work, but are not eligible for a Total and Permanent Disablement benefit from the Fund.
Insurance premiums for the benefit will automatically be deducted from members’ accounts in the Fund from July 2013. Members can cancel the insurance cover at any time.
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11 June 2013Government “Stronger Super” reforms to the superannuation system
From 1 January 2014 employers will be required to contribute to “MySuper” funds for employees who do not actively choose a superannuation fund for their compulsory employer contributions. The Manildra Flour Mills Retirement Fund will continue to operate as a “Choice Fund” and will not become a MySuper fund.
Members were required to complete a form to continue to be members of the Manildra Flour Mills Retirement Fund.
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11 June 201211 June 2012
New options available for Death and Total & Permanent Disablement insurance
The Death and Total and Permanent Disablement benefits provided by the Fund include a Company-funded insured component to help protect members and their families against the financial burdens that would arise if the member dies, becomes terminally ill, or can no longer work due to being totally and permanently disabled.
From June 2012, members can apply to increase their insurance cover above the standard amount to a level right for their individual situations.
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