Manildra Flour Mills Retirment Fund


The Manildra Flour Mills Retirement Fund (the Fund) is one of the superannuation funds that may be chosen by employees of the Manildra Group. It is a simple, easy to understand fund, run solely for the benefit of its members who are all current or former employees of the Manildra Group. The Fund offers many advantages for its members including:

  • The Manildra Group meets all expenses of managing the Fund, other than investment management fees, as well as death and permanent disablement insurance premiums for the standard level of cover. 1
  • The Fund has a single, balanced investment strategy which has returned reasonable and relatively stable returns to members over many years.
  • On joining the Fund, you automatically receive death and permanent disablement insurance without the need for medical tests or long, complicated forms. The Manildra Group meets the cost of the standard level of cover but you may apply to increase your level of cover, at your expense, if you wish. 2
  • You also receive income protection insurance, at your own expense, which pays you a temporary monthly income if you are disabled and unable to work.
  • As well as helping you save money for your retirement while you’re working, the Fund offers a Retirement Pension and Pre-Retirement Pension.

For more details, please read the Product Disclosure Statements. Manildra Flour Mills Retirement Fund: Australian Business Number (ABN) 32 448 411 930, RSE registration number R1067415, Unique Superannuation Identifier 32448411930001 The Trustee of the Fund is Manildra Flour Mills Retirement Fund Pty Limited (ABN 74 065 680 195). The RSE licence number of the Trustee is L0003155.

The Trustee’s AFS Licence number is 530609

1: The Manildra Group reserves the right to change this in the future. You would be advised in advance of such a change.

2: If you don’t join the Fund when first eligible, if you want additional voluntary insurance, or if your insurance is above a certain level, you will need to provide some medical evidence before insurance cover can be provided.